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Caroline and Steve Thompson of Cabana Home have redesigned and built some 28 homes in the Dallas, Santa Barbara, and Santa Fe areas. Over the past number of years, they have developed a true skill, and indeed an art, in the creation of beautiful living spaces, and these same living spaces have likewise graced the covers of publications on national design.


Caroline and Steve’s latest venture, known as Cabana Homes, serves to redefine the perceptions held of the traditional indoor world.


Caroline and Steve first met when they both worked at the Neiman Marcus department store, located in Dallas, Texas. Both of them learned that “service is everything” from the highly renowned Stanley Marcus.


Steve, with his retail background, had followed through on a successful career in the world of real estate, while Caroline opted to open a special events firm. However, together, they continued forth with their love for collecting contemporary art works, while enjoying a talent for the design of informal, and yet elegant residential properties, which they managed to do by establishing their own company.


Neither of them were intent on finding a new career, but, as it happens, that’s precisely what happened. After that, they both travelled the world so as to locate the appropriate decorative accessories and furnishings. After all, they had been left frustrated over and over at not being able to find in their home town what they had envisioned.


They realized that because they themselves had a requirement for a greater selection of items for home décor, other people must have the same desire/ necessity. And thus, Cabana Home was borne on the philosophy that if you do find a need, you should go ahead and fill it.



Michael Snyder has been involved in retailing as an executive for over 20 years, and over that time, had built up a vast amount of experience in brand management and merchandising. That experience covered a very broad range of categories in fashion.  But before Snyder started the San Francisco store of Cabana Home, he and Leisa, his wife, remodeled, redesigned, and restored a number of homes throughout Dallas, Santa Fe, and San Francisco.


After living in Florence in Italy, where Leisa studied interior design, she returned to the United States. She is now a well renowned interior designer in her own right, having worked in the industry for the previous eight years. Specifically, her design resolves around the creation of unique environments by using fabric, color, in addition to her own range of custom furniture.


She trained at Florence’s Academia of Art and Design, and invested many years in Italy where she developed her appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Leisa now undertakes projects of different purpose, including complete home remodels to the design of restaurant interiors. She represents commercial and residential clients over an expansive range of projects.

Leisa and Michael Snyder reside in San Francisco together with their children. They also enjoy a variety of other activities such as skiing, tennis and traveling together with their family.